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Important Information:

Tanamá River Adventures  offers 6 (six) different options to choose from. Cave Tubing experience will be the same in all our different Tours. Tanama River Adventures experience is a Eco Guided Tour. Our participants will be always accompanied by our professional Team. No rapids at Tanamá river. All of our Outdoors Adventures activities includes; Hiking through the Forest trails and River, crossing fields of coffee, bananas, plantains, orange plantations and more. History and Culture share by our local expertise Tour Guides. We will visit Caves and Caverns, enjoy Spring waters, Waterfalls, explore our Underground River with Cave Tubing experience, Swimming and free jumps that are optionals, easy climbing, explore ancient rocks formations (ocean floor fossils, crystals, stalactites and stalagmites rocks formations).

All our Tours departs at 8:30 am or 9 am. Only morning sessions! We have a weight limit of 240 pounds. Our most important concern is the physical condition of our participants, not the weight. To go out in a Tour we will need at least 4 people or more, for any Rappelling Tour we will need 6 people or more. Good physical condition is necessary to participate in all our tours activities.  If you are a single person or a couple please call for details, e-mail us or Best way is sending us a text message to the phone number provided.

Reservation Required!

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Information about differences between Tours

Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing is the main attraction in this area. Cave Tubing experience will be the same in all Our Tours. Some Hiking is involved to enjoy the Cave Tubing. 

Caving options without Rappelling

Cave Tubing and Mukaro Cave Tour

  • The Mukaro Tour is an extension of the Native Cave Tubing Tour. With lots of Hiking involved. Exploring the Canyon area with more caves, caverns and Waterfalls.

Rappelling Tours

Avatar, Butterfly and Tarzan Tours are the same river and caving Adventures. These are Full Caving tours. The only difference between these 3 different options will be the altituded on the Rappelling. 

  • Half Day Tour is the same as Cave Tubing with a extra Cave for Rappelling. 

6 (six) different options to choose with Cave Tubing

Native Cave Tubing

cave tubing tanama river adventures. Utuado, Pueto Rico. caving, caverns.

Our most relaxing Tour with less hiking involved, Underground River, Cave Tubing, Spring Natural Waters, great Mountain views. Optional Cliff jumps Time to enjoy the river.

  • 3 hours Duration time
  • $59 Adults
  • $49 kids

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Mukaro Cave Tour

caving adventures, cueva del Arco, Bo. Caguana, Tanama River, eco tours, Utuado Puerto Rico.

Our Most popular and complete Caving Tour without Rappelling. Hiking and Caving Adventures, exploring all Caves and Caverns, with Cave Tubing, Waterfalls, Climbing and optional cliff jumps. Excellent for Hiking Lovers

  • 4 hrs Duration
  • $79 pp

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Half Day Tour- Cave Tubing + Rappelling

Rappelling, Tanama River Adventures, Utuado, Puerto Rico. Caving.

Including Hiking, Cave Tubing, Swimming, Rappelling in a Cave system from 45 ft high. Spring Waterfalls! and optional cliff jumps.

  • 3-4 hrs Duration time
  • $79 pp

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Avatar Tour / Rappelling 45'

Rappelling, Utuado, Puerto Rico. Best, Cueva del Arco. caving. Waterfalls.

Most popular Rappelling Tour.

Full Caving and River Adventures with a Rappelling of 45' ft high in a Cave system. Natural Springs Waterfalls. Cave Tubing / All included 

  • Hiking / Caving / Rappelling.
  • 4-5 hrs Duration Time.
  • $99 pp

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Butterfly Tour / Rappelling 120'

best rappelling, Utuado, Puerto Rico. Tanama eco tours and adventures. Cave, caverns

Greatest Rappelling inside a Cavern, Rappelling 120 ft high, With Full Caving and River Adventures included. Waterfalls. Cave Tubing  

  • 4-5 hrs Duration time.
  • Minimum age requirements is 14 yrs.
  • $120 pp.

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Tarzan Tour / Rappelling 250'

Highest Rappelling in Puerto Rico at Cueva del Arco in Utuado

Highest Rappelling  in Puerto Rico

One of a kind Cave - Rappelling  250'ft + Caving Experiences, Cave Tubing, Caverns, Waterfalls

Full Caving and River Adventures.

  • 5 hrs Duration time.
  • Minimum age requirements is 18 yrs.
  • $149. pp.

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Family + Childrens Tour

Native Cave Tubing Eco Tour

Cave Tubing, river Adventures Tanama eco tours. Utuado, Puerto Rico

  • Duration time: 3hrs.
  • Hiking
  • Cave Tubing
  • Swimming
  • Natural pools
  • Free jumps (optional)
  • Minimum age requirement is 4 years old
  • $49 pp kids / $59 pp adults

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Cave Tubing + Rappelling Half Day Eco Tour

rappelling, tanama Utuado, River Adventures, Puerto Rico

  • Duration time: 3-4 hrs
  • Hiking
  • Rappelling 45'ft
  • Cave Tubing
  • Swimming
  • Natural Pools
  • Free jumps (optional)
  • Minimum age requirements is 6 years old.
  • $79 adults / $69 Kids

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Cave Tubing, In Utuado, Puerto Rico. Eco Tours at Tanama River Adventures. Things To do

Information about Cave Tubing Eco Tour

Cave Tubing Experience !

Safety First:

Tanama River Adventures Staff will provide all the Safety equipment necessary for the Nature and River Adventure. Helmets and Lifejackets are essential in all our Tours, Participants will be wearing them at all times.   

Hiking- After a five minutes drive inside our van, some Hiking is involved to met the River and the entrance of the cave. The hiking part is about 20 minutes downhill in a rocky, slippery and uneven terrain, part of it is steep hill.  Kids from 4 years old and people of 78 years old have accomplished this Tours, but this tours are not for everyone. And at the end of the Tour we will hike back uphill the same trail we took to get down to the Tanama River.

Cave Tubing: At the river we will find a beautiful swimming area where we will get the floating tubes. We will make a line where all participants and Tour guides go all together inside the cave. Here we explore the underground river while floating with tubes. No rapids at Tanama River. 

We will cross a piece of Mountain from one side to the other for about 1000" ft long Cave tunnel system, with no confined spaces. At the other side of the mountain we will get off the tubes to explore and enjoy that area. Here we find a good small natural Spring Waterfall. We will spend some time here to explore, enjoy and relax for a while. After spending some time in this area we will get in to the tubes again and cross the Cave tunnel cave again, back to where we start. In this area some poeple like to jump from rocks and swim. 

  • Hiking
  • Underground River
  • Cave Tubing
  • Swimming
  • Spring Waters
  • Free jumps (optionals)

Cave Tubing is Unique!

Tanamá River is the only place in Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean for Cave Tubing. No other place like this to enjoy the relaxing and calm waters, while river tubing in a long tunnel cave system with no confined spaces. No experience of swimming is necessary. No rapids at Tanama River. 

  • Minumum age requirements is 3 years old. 
  • 3 hrs duration 
  • $49 kids / teens, - $59 Adults

Caves, Caverns, waterfalls, Tanama Eco Tours, Utuado Puerto Rico. Caving. Rappelling. Cueva del Arco

Information about Mukaro Cave Eco Tour

Mukaro Cave Tour Experience

Most Popular Tour! 

Best Tour for Caving, Hiking Lovers!

Mukaro Cave Tour is a Full Caving and River Adventures without Rappelling. In this Caving experience you will explore all the caves and caverns and parts of the Tanama river that you see in pictures and videos here on our website. 

This Caving Adventure is about 3.5 - 4.5 hours Adventure, with lots of hiking involved, getting in and out the water a couple of times. About 3.5 miles hiking distance in a mountain region, with some steep hills and easy Climbing involved.

  • Hiking
  • Caving, visiting caves + caverns, including Cueva del Arco
  • Cave Tubing
  • Waterfalls
  • Spring waters
  • Body rafting
  • Rock climbing (easy)
  • River Trekking (hiking through the river and swimming)
  • Canyoning (Hiking and swimming between rock walls)
  • Free jumps (optionals)

Mukaro Cave Tour Notice

Good Physical condition is necessary. Most challenging part is the hiking part. People from 8 years old to 78 years old have accomplished this Tour. This Hiking part is not for everyone! Almost 4 miles total hiking distance in a moluntain region.

  • Minimum age requirement is 10 years old
  • Duration time is 3.5 - 4.5 hours
  • $79 Per person

Information about Half Day Eco Tour, Cave Tubing, Rappelling

Cave   + River Tubing Tanama River Adventures, Utuado, Puerto Rico. Eco Tours.

Half Day Tour Experience with Cave Tubing and Rappelling

Our Most complete Tour with less Hiking involved. In this Adventure you will explore and enjoy the same areas as in the Native Cave Tubing Tour, adding an exploration to a different Cave where we will  enjoy the Rappelling Adventure. The Half Day Tour  Rappelling will be of 45'(feet)  high, at the entrance of the cave. Excellent Tour for families and children. No experience is necessary. If some of your group does not want to do the rappelling there is an option of hiking through the side and the group will stay together.  

  • Hiking
  • Rappelling
  • Cave Tubing
  • Swimming
  • Spring Waters falls
  • Cliff jumps (optional)
  • Duration time is 4 hrs
  • Minumun age requirements is 6 years for rappelling
  • $79 Adults / $69 kids + teens

Information Rappelling Tours Full Caving + River Adventures

Avatar Tour

Rappelling 45'ft

Butterfly Tour

Cave Rappelling 120'ft

Tarzan Tour

Highest Rappelling 250'ft

Tarzan Swing

Rappelling with Full Caving + River Adventures

The only difference between these 3 (three) Rappelling options will be the altitude on the Rappelling. In terms of Caves and Caverns the experience will be the same. These are Full Caving, Rappelling and River tours including lots of hiking to explore all the caves and caverns here at Tanama River. Here You will explore all the areas as in the Mukaro Cave Tour, but with Rappelling. Total hiking distance is about 3.5 miles in a mountain region. Uphill and downhill. Cave Tubing will be the same in all our Adventures Eco Tours. 

  • Avatar Tour
  • Butterfly Tour 
  • Tarzan Tour

These three options are full caving and river Adventures including Rappelling. Exploring all the caves and caverns while hiking here at Tanama River. With cave tubing, Spring waters, Waterfalls and more. 

Butterfly Tour Rappelling 120'ft